In Japan, exchanging seasonal gifts between companies (corporate gifts) is an old custom that is still followed today. However, recently the demand for such gifts is declining.

AGF, famous for its Coffee Gift box, was facing a decrease of its demand and wanted to enter the casual/personal gifts market

The mission was to appeal the charm of casual coffee gifts as a thank-you present, or as a gift for personal anniversaries.


In Japan, spring is the season that ends, and begins, the year. Entering school, graduation, job-change/relocation usually happen in that Spring, and they are all occasions for exchanging gifts.

AGF wanted to grab this opportunity to implement a campaign where people can send a coffee gift to express their gratitude family or friends.

The idea: A Spring Santa Claus who delivers messages of gratitude for you. If the person who received your gift scan the Santa package with his/her smartphone,Santa says Thank-you message with his mouth moving. A fun and original way to express your gratitude to people you care about, without the embarrassment of telling them directly.




Spring Santa Claus contributed to increasing the demand for casual/personal coffee gifts.

  • 230,000 people placed orders for the limited 10,000 gifts.
  • 88% said they will send similar gifts in the future.
  • Spring Santa Claus caught the attention of various media, generated buzz on the Internet, and joyful comments of the receivers spread out on Twitter or blogs.